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Why Buy Northwest Railing Products?

1. Experience
Our company has over two decades of business experience in both steel fabrication and custom engineering work and sales and installation experience with the railing products we sell. 

2. Price
Our pricing is extremely competitive both in prebuilt and custom built railing and decking products to make sure that your dollar goes further than our competition.  Better quality, better planning, and better installation mean your product from Northwest Railing and Distributors will provide you with many years of use.

3. Quality Products
All of our railing products are custom built with aluminum extrusions exclusive to our manufacturers giving you durability and style.  All of our welds, fasteners, anchors, mounting, and joining products are tried and proven over thousands of installations in real world indoor and outdoor conditions from the sunny United States to the coldest Canadian winters.  Durabilty and style are our hallmarks.

4.  Powder Coating
Our railing products utilize the best paint technology available anywhere.  Our products are UV and chip resistant, fade resistant and extremely durable; made for "hands on" duty. One touch on our handrails and you can see and feel the quality workmanship.  Stop in to our showroom today and view the many samples we have available.

5. Style and Selection
The timeless designs in our catalogs and showroom range from modern and contemporary to classic and ornate.  We're sure you'll agree, we carry a product for every home and business for every budget.

6. 46 Colours to Choose From
All of our products are available in 7 Standard and 39 Custom colours to meet your every need.  Visit our showroom or click here to view some of the many colours available to match your interior or exterior design. 

7. "SmoothTouch" Finishes
All of our products are ground and sanded to be smooth and free from any sharp edges.  The extrusions that we use are ergonomically correct and easy to grip, providing the highest levels of safety and cosmetic appeal without the risk of "slivers" or "scratches" found in our competitors products.  Feel safe and look great with Northwest Railing!

8.  Easy Modular Install
All of our railing systems can be assembled by anyone from large scale contractors to weekend "Do It Yourself" homeowners.  Handymen and larger companies both will appreciate the ease of assembly and installation saving you time, labour costs, and the frustration that comes with other brands.  Our products simply install faster and easier than any other brand on the market.  Best of all, our system is modular and expandable to grow as you do.

9.  Quick Shipping Available
Having a large inventory on hand means your jobs get done faster.  We quick ship next day whenever possible to any Canadian destinations.  Call us today for your free quote and to speak to a system designer for the product that best matches your needs, your budget and your timeline! 

So what are you waiting for?  Call and come by our showroom today!  Many of our most popular styles are in stock and available for pickup!

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